Meet Our Team

Meet the Team Driving Your VCE Success at MCET Tutors

Sandy Abey

Meet Sandy Abeysekara, the visionary founder of MCET and a driving force in academic excellence. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with Honors, a second Bachelor’s in Agriculture Science, a Master’s in Education, and a Masters in Pharmaceutical Science from Monash University, Sandy embodies a wealth of knowledge and a passion for teaching.

As a VIT registered teacher with over a decade of experience in VCE education, Sandy is currently shaping young minds as a VCE Chemistry and Biology teacher at a prestigious selective-entry boys’ school in Southbank. Her commitment to education goes beyond the classroom, evident in her active participation in professional networks such as the Chemistry Education Association, Biology Teacher’s Network, Maths Association Victoria, and Science Teachers’ Association Victoria.

Sandy’s dedication to advancing education is further highlighted by her role as a co-author of the upcoming VCE Chemistry U1 to U2 textbook by Oxford University Press, slated to be a cornerstone in chemistry education. Join Sandy on a transformative academic journey, where expertise meets inspiration.

Angela Wang

Introducing Angela Wang, a dedicated educator with a profound passion for teaching and a wealth of experience across various educational settings. Holding a Master of Education from the Australian Catholic University and a Master of Teaching from the University of Western Sydney, Angela’s academic journey reflects her commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

With a Bachelor of Science in Teaching Physics from Min Jiang University in China, Angela brings a diverse perspective to her teaching practice. Her dedication to enhancing educational outcomes is evident through her involvement in professional networks and her active engagement in curriculum development initiatives.

As a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT NO. 415183), Angela has demonstrated her expertise in teaching mathematics, science, and languages across different age groups and academic levels. Her employment history spans various educational institutions, including Whitefriars College, Top Scope College, Auburn High School, Australia Prime Education, Chinese Culture School, Bethlehem College, and Muirfield High School.


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