Ignite Your VCE Success with MCET’s Summer Head Start Program

Join MCET’s Summer Enrichment Program for a stellar head start on your VCE journey. Whether you prefer in-person classes at our Melbourne center or the flexibility of our Live and Online Platform, rest assured of access to exceptional VCE programs led by our outstanding tutors.

What to Expect?
  • A tailored selection of VCE subjects
  • 10 hours of comprehensive content review per subject
  • Overview of the study design/ assessments
  • Effective problem-solving strategies
  • Exam-style questions
  • Study score maximisation techniques
  • Powerful study habits
  • Guidance to built own note sets/ summaries
  • Sample SACs
  • Time management tips and skills
Why Choose MCET’s Summer Enrichment Program:
  • Engaging and interactive classes
  • Top-notch study notes crafted to an exceptional standard
  • Experienced tutors, including VCAA Assessors and Published Authors
  • A 50-question booklet targeting critical subject topics
  • Boosted self-confidence

Our program goes beyond standard Summer School lectures, providing small class sizes to foster real understanding and enhance study skills. Begin your VCE journey with MCET and gain the head start you need for success.